If the room had a bedbug-soldier, from his presence can be eliminated in several ways, which shall be used individually or together. Thus, the first and most simple for the owners of the apartment or home is a method that involves using the help of a team of specialists. Service pest control can be presented to professionals in private organizations or public office, is addressing these issues and the health code.

Service pest control uses a potent insecticide. This approach has advantages, first of them is the lack of contact with the chemical makeup of the owners, the second advantage lies in the guarantee of a positive result. However, the apartment must be left for a few days. If you have children or animals, this method is preferable to avoid, as the chemical activity after treatment of the apartment will remain.

Independent ways of dealing with a bedbug-soldier

Insecticides can be used independently, but to ensure a positive outcome, have treated every nook of the room. It is possible to avoid the use of such chemicals, by applying boiling water or cold. So, if you have the opportunity to leave the house in the winter with the Windows open for a day, will be able to expel the unexpected "guests".

As for the boiling water, then today, we successfully used a steam cleaner, whereas the items of furniture with larvae or bugs doused with boiling water. To get rid of insects by the method of pouring boiling water at least and will manage, the furniture after you are unlikely to be used.

Folk methods of dealing with the bedbug-soldier

If you decide to use traditional methods to combat bed bugs, it should be noted that the basis of their intolerance to these insects odors. Because of this, excellent job kerosene and vinegar, which should be treated with plinths or legs of beds, baseboards and other places of movement bugs.

Wormwood also helps in the fight against these insects. For this you need to build a broom from the plant and hang in the room. You can position these unsightly bouquets under the bed. Suitable for both fresh and dry tarragon.

The most effective folk remedy can be considered as turpentine and camphor oil. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. To prepare means to mix turpentine ointment with camphor oil. Composition it is necessary to treat the legs and beams, sofas and beds. Be treated areas of the bed located below the mattress and also the bottom part of the mattress.