To detect the presence of weevils is easy: normally in cloudy weather and at night, these pests accumulate on the leaf laminas of the plants subjected to the attack of these insects. Or you can spread a white thick fabric and trotted over her plants - if flora settled weevils, they will fall onto the cloth. Also the presence of adversity you can guess by the little holes on the leaves.

To catch the weevils from the plants on sticky tape used for catching flies. Carefully glue it to a sheet plate, thus there should be no passages that would not be protected by tape. But that's only on the trunk of the tree it is not recommended to glue. Under the Flycatcher put plastic bags: bugs are bound to fall into your trap.

Use homemade traps of corrugated paper and burlap. Spread the burlap on the soil and cover the top with crepe paper. During the day, the weevils will be collected in hunting. In the evening gently clean the trap and destroy pests.

In the fight against harmful insects in a garden use a mixture of soap, kerosene and borax. In small container pour some warm water and mix it with liquid soap. If you did not have liquid soap, replace it with ordinary soap (grate the soap on a fine grater and dissolve in hot water). Usually for making soap use 80-100 grams of household soap. To the resulting solution add borax (20 g per 10 liters of water) and kerosene (200 g on 10 l of water). The mixture intensively mix before formation emulsii. Pour the prepared solution into a sprayer and treat them with plants.

To protect a plant from weevils, run around him onions or garlic. If protection from pests need raspberry or strawberry, each Bush plants plant a garlic clove or onion. Bugs are deterred by the sharp, strong smell, so the cut in the onion and garlic hands.

Spray plants during the emergence of buds) with a special solution. For its preparation mix 10-13 g of mustard powder with 3 litres of warm water. You can use another solution: for 10 liters of water 40 grams of household soap or 2.5-3 kg of wood ash. Also effective in combating weevils helps spraying the affected plants with a solution of potassium permanganate (10 liters of water you need to take 5 g of potassium permanganate), or tincture of Cayenne pepper.