If you want to get rid of snails from your garden, make sure that it was you uncomfortable. First you need to make sure they could not find shelter during the day. Clear the beds of weeds left there, get rid of unnecessary boards and stones. Well viscosite all the grass, loosen the soil so the snails did not hide in cracks and recesses. If the crop is already harvested, destroy all the remains, because these snails hide in winter.
How to get rid of snails
Once you put things in order, it is necessary to create for snails adverse conditions. They really don't like all the rough, because it is difficult to move over uneven surfaces. So sprinkle around the beds and plants in the beds something porous. You can take gravel or egg shells, something like that.
How to get rid of snails
Then make a trap for snails. They love beer, so you can use the beer rags, sheets, boards. Snails will hide there during the day and at night you collect them and destroy in a strong salt solution. You can dig up small ditches and fill them up with water and cover it with old rags. Snails gets there.
Once you have complicated the life of snails by mechanical means, call for help natural helpers. Snails eat frogs, so why not settle on a plot of toads? Dig a small pond, they will come. Also enemies of the snails are hedgehogs. You can lure them with dog food. Hedgehogs and toads it is necessary to build shelter for the winter, then they leave your site.
How to get rid of snails
Snails with appetite eating birds. Install more houses and bird feeders in the winter. Then in the summer the birds will help you to banish snails. You can also spread on the area directly around the perimeter of all the beds - herbs. Snails don't like the smell of parsley, garlic, sage, rosemary.