The causes of woodlice

If lice have infested the apartment, so this room is created for their existence all the necessary conditions. What these arthropods prefer? The presence of organic residues. Worth a few days to take out the garbage and woodlice will happily crawl into your home. Old paper and stuck in the far corners of the dirt is also considered quite edible dish.

However, the main source of the emergence of woodlice in the apartment is damp. Have water-loving of woodlice in dry and ventilated place extremely little chance to exist. Especially feel good arthropods in the bathroom.
Drying clothes after washing in the bathroom just increases the chances on the reproduction of woodlice.

Also the existence of woodlice depends on the light. They, like cockroaches have negative phototaxis. In the light they try to hide in any crevices. Their presence does not arise, if the room is little dark corners and crevices eliminated.

Useful tips

There are many tips on how to get rid of woodlice in the living room. For example, you can sprinkle in the corners of the table salt or spray the boric acid solution.

Effective option that will help to get rid of woodlice in the apartment, use the following recipe. A small pinch of soda ash mixed with tobacco dust and red ground pepper. Pour all the components and 1 Cup water. Ready means spray all the corners of the room. Then after 5-6 hours all of the surface treat mild bleach solution. In a day you will notice the lack of woodlice in the apartment.

To deal with annoying woodlice forever, without unnecessary costs and fast, you can suggest a chemical method. In the room where the woodlice live in a small bucket or bowl placed quicklime, which must quickly fill with water. After that, the door closed tightly. Is dangerous. Terrible smell can cause different effects, as a slight dizziness, and poisoning. Go to the room after 2-3 days. From such a chemical attack woodlice will die.
It should be noted that this method is not safe and not recommended in the presence in the apartment of children and Pets.

If to cope with woodlice you can not invite to the premises of the employees of the sanitary station. They will hold disinfestation of the apartment. For such a visit have to pay, but you will have a guarantee that woodlice won't bother you anymore.