If you have a suspected attack of pancreatitis, you should immediately contact the hospital. The main symptoms can be considered nausea, vomiting, pain in the left side or in the middle of the abdomen, increased body temperature. You have to see a doctor, take a blood and urine tests, and to schedule an ultrasound or computed tomography (gives more accurate result). After determining the degree of lesion will prescribe medications or put in the hospital.
In acute pancreatitis hospitalization is required. The first days of the hospital stay the patient is administered a large number of medicines to relieve intoxication: physiological saline, protein preparations, glucose, antispasmodics, medications to support heart function and vitamins. Also the treatment is carried out by enzymes that are as close to what the pancreas produces. Do not refuse hospitalization. To remove the attack can be at home, but need is treatment, not lubrication symptoms.
When inflammation of the pancreas is not sharp, you will be given fasting. Do not eat anything for about a day, drink tea without sugar and drink plenty of alkaline mineral water. On the second day of fasting in the diet include butter not crackers. Gradually start to eat other foods, preferably cooked and not greasy. Sticking to a diet requires about 2-4 weeks, but this does not mean that then you have smoked and fat.
Take digestive tools, suitable Pancreatin, festal, Mezim. Dose described in the instructions, on average you need to drink 2 tablets 3-4 times a day. These drugs will ease the work of the pancreas.
Pain relief can take Nospanum, but it doesn't relieve the attack, except that slightly helps to dilate the ducts of the gland. Even with self-treatment should see a doctor. Therefore, consult a gastroenterologist and seek advice about the disease and further treatment.