At the first sign of pancreatitis drink a preparation containing pancreatic enzymes. These tools include Pancreatin, festal, Mezim or. The dosage and dosage regimen of view in the abstract, but the average daily dose should be around 6 tablets (2 doses every 4-6 hours). Pancreatin and similar means relieve pain, also help the gland to perform basic functions.

If digestive did not help to get rid of the pain, accept but-shpu. To drink any other pain medications, as the pancreas is so inflamed. If you are undergoing treatment by other means, then consult on the advisability of suspending therapy until complete recovery of all the functions of the pancreas.

To relieve the pain and help the cold compress. Soak a towel in cold water or put ice in a plastic bag and wrap with a cloth. Apply the poultice to the sore spot and safely lie down with him for about 15 minutes. You'll feel a little better, but it can not be attributed to methods of treatment of the pancreas.

In the inflammation period and after the disappearance of visible symptoms follow the diet. You can not eat fatty, smoked and pickled products. Eat boiled vegetables and lean meat and fish. In the morning drink 2 glass of mineral water.

If you feel really bad about, and you have nausea and a fever, better call an ambulance or turn themselves to the hospital. Sometimes to relieve an attack of pancreatitis only in the hospital environment. Of course, you can do self-medicate, but nobody can guarantee that it will bring results. To delay treatment is not recommended, as the pancreas not only performs the functions of an organ of digestion, but and is responsible for insulin production.