You will need
  • - anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - the fruits of fennel;
  • - chamomile flowers;
  • - flowers Helichrysum;
  • - infusion of marigold;
  • - mint leaves;
  • - the herb elecampane;
  • - a series.
Give up Smoking and alcohol. These factors complicate the course of chronic pancreatitis and contribute to the emergence of other, more serious diseases like cancer.
Follow a special diet. Reconsider your diet – eliminate fatty and spicy meals, divide the total daily amount of food into several parts and eat often but small portions. In the event of acute attacks illustrates fasting, which should only be in hospital to support the body through intravenous infusions. Main diet should provide adequate intake of protein, limit carbohydrates and foods that stimulate the activity of the pancreas (strong meat broths, marinades, fried foods, etc.).
Take enzymes. Substances, conducive to digestion, can relieve pain and suppress the natural production of pancreatic enzymes, which makes it possible to reduce the load on the body.
Drink painkillers. To reduce the pain and alleviate the overall condition take analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Use herbal methods. Herbal treatment can be performed in periods of remission, and do not combine with taking drugs. Prepare the fruit of fennel, chamomile flowers and the flowers of Helichrysum in equal proportions, brew with boiling water and heat on a water bath. Leave the solution to infuse, then squeeze and take a 1/4 of a Cup after a meal.
Prepare an infusion of marigold: a tablespoon of flowers pour a glass of boiling water, leave for night. Take a third Cup before eating.
Mint leaves, grass, elecampane and series, mix equal parts, pour hot water and boil for 5 minutes. Drink morning and evening before meals 1/3 Cup.
Provide gentle treatment. A sick person it is necessary to provide emotional and physical rest to restrict visitation, to enter on bed rest, follow a special diet. In periods of acute need timely access to a doctor and then you can use home methods to reduce pain and inflammation.