Acute pancreatitis develops suddenly, after overeating and drinking alcohol, often after the holidays. There is pain in the upper abdomen, worse when coughing or with deep breathing. The nature of pain encircling. The patient has nausea and vomiting, the temperature rises to 38 degrees. If there is severe pancreatitis, the patient drops blood pressure, heartbeat quickens, begins to feel dizzy. If you have these signs, you should immediately call a doctor. Acute pancreatitis can lead to serious consequences and even death.
This disease can occur during pregnancy. Cause of deterioration can serve as gallstone disease or taking certain medications, for example, furosemide. The symptoms are the same as in other patients.
To confirm the diagnosis the patient undergoes a blood test on biochemistry, do ultrasound and other tests.
Most often the treatment is conservative, that is, the medication. The patient should follow a diet. In the first week of the disease the pancreas a "get" rest. The patient drinks only water. The nutrition of the patient is carried out intravenously, nutrient solutions.
A small amount of liquid food is assigned on the sixth day of the disease. With the help of narcotic and non-narcotic drugs produced analgesia.
Intravenous fluids are prescribed in large quantities, with special solutions to remove inflammation of the pancreas. If the patient has vomiting are assigned to the anti-nausea drugs in heart failure – cardiac drugs.
To prevent infection of other organs antibiotics. If after a week the patient's condition is not improving, it requires surgery to remove dead tissue gland.Acute pancreatitis is a serious disease. If you do not have at the time of help, the person can die.