Pancreatitis is a serious disease that requires urgent medical attention. Treatment of the acute stage of the disease is in the hospital. Drug therapy is directed at eliminating the primary causes of the development of the inflammatory process, relief of pain, restoration of digestive functions. For this purpose several groups of drugs: antispasmodics, analgesics, enzymes, antacids. To the group of antispasmodics are drugs, whose action is aimed at relieving muscle spasms of the bowel ("no-Spa", "Papaverine"). For the relief of pain symptoms also use a combination of medicines, which includes painkillers ("Gastrotsepin", "Atropine", "Platifillin"). Preparations selected taking into account the intensity of the pain. The patient may be given narcotic analgesics ("Baralgin", "Pentazocine") or the narcotic drugs ("Morphine", "Tramal").
To restore the function of the pancreas prescribe medications containing enzymes. Selection of medications are based on the readings and course of the disease. Preparations containing enzymes differ in their composition. In some included bile ("Festal", "Enzyme Forte", "Forestal"). These funds are contraindicated in inflammation of the pancreas with concomitant or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcer, gastritis, cholelithiasis. In pancreatitis, it is recommended to take products consisting of only enzymes ("Pancreatin", "Mezim Forte"). These drugs have a positive therapeutic effect, but if used for a long period dysfunction of the pancreas may increase.
In pancreatitis, accompanied by exocrine insufficiency, appear pain and dyspeptic syndromes. In this case, often prescribed antacids - drugs that suppress the secretion of stomach hydrochloric acid ("Fosfalyugel", "Almagel" "Maalox"). These drugs reduce the acidity in the stomach and reduce the quantity of the destroyed enzymes. The use of antacids and provides a functional rest the pancreas, which have a positive impact on her recovery. In the treatment of pancreatitis is also prescribed ancillary medications, eliminating negative symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea and dysbiosis use the "Smectite", "hilak Forte", etc., when intoxication - "Activated charcoal", "Enterosgel", for violation of motor function of the intestine is used "Trimedat".