You will need
  • - enzymatic preparations;
  • - chamomile;
  • - calendula;
  • - mint;
  • Melissa;
  • - seeds of fennel;
  • - seeds of cumin;
  • - fennel;
  • - flax seeds.
Diagnosis of pancreatitis does not present special difficulties. Blood analysis shows leukocytosis, accelerated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Hyper - or hypoglycemia. In urine – increased levels of amylase. Ultrasound shows an increase in the pancreas, the presence of abscesses.
In the first 3-4 days the patient is recommended bed rest, hunger, alkaline water. Assign novocaine blockade, analgesics, and antispasmodics. To prevent secondary infection, use antibiotics.
To restore pancreatic mandatory fermentativnaya therapy. Usually, this "Kreon", "Panzinorm", "Mezim". Within 30-40 days after discharge, we recommend taking food enzymes at mealtime, even if we are talking about the Cup of tea with drying.
A major factor in the recovery of the pancreas is diet. Refrain from fried, fatty, spicy foods. Rich broth, sour products (even fermented), alcohol, cakes, fizzy drinks and milk should be completely eliminated during the treatment. Porridge on water, boiled low-fat fish species, steam cutlets of Turkey breast or chickens, mashed potatoes, boiled rice is a staple food during recovery.
Very useful for pancreas daily intake of various concoctions of herbs that have antispasmodic action. Stock up on camomile, Melissa, calendula, peppermint, fennel, caraway seeds and dill. Brew a tablespoon of raw materials 250 ml of boiling water. Insisting for 20 minutes, strain, add honey or sugar to taste and drink a third Cup three times a day. Grass don't mix, and take turns – one day one herb, next – another.
The amount of liquid should be at least 2 liters per day. It can be mineral water without gas, green tea, herbal teas, boiled water. Not recommended intake of fruit drinks and compotes.
Pancreatitis is a very useful decoction of flax seed, which has a smoothing and regenerating effect. Pour a glass of boiling water 2 tablespoons of flax seeds overnight. Strain, take half an hour before meals in the morning for 2-3 weeks.