Take medication that contains pancreatic enzymes. For example, Pancreatin or Mezim. These tools will ease your condition, so they have a slight analgesic effect. If you feel severe pain in the left hypochondrium, drink Nospanum, it will relieve spasms and dilate the ducts in the pancreas.
Drink mineral water, preferably without gas. Buy Essentuki or Narzan mineral water. In acute pancreatitis, you can drink 1.5 liters of mineral alkaline water. But gradually reduce the dose. If you have kidney problems, the fitter you are contraindicated, as it contains too many mineral salts. If you go to the pharmacy you have no power, buy in the nearest store Karachinsky, you can drink it up to 3 liters a day, but no more than 4-7 days.
On the first day of the disease refrain from eating altogether, on the second day, start to eat crackers, preferably without butter. There can be in unlimited quantities, washed down with black tea. Gradually start to eat low-calorie foods, but eliminate from the diet, salted, smoked and fried dishes, they can trigger a recurrent episode.
Keep a light diet for 1 month, although it is better not to refuse from harmful products. Drink digestive remedies and mineral water (1-2 glasses per day). To avoid a repeat attack, need to very carefully monitor the quality of the products you use.
If you have sick pancreas, immediately call an ambulance. Stages of a major exacerbation can help only professionals. Immediately after arriving at the hospital you will begin to introduce drugs that will remove toxicity and swelling with the pancreas. Once the attack is stopped, you go home and prescribe further treatment.