Treatment of the pancreas is possible only with the correct diagnosis a qualified technician, because the therapy of this body depends on specific dysfunction. So, the most common abnormality of exocrine function is pancreatitis, and if the pancreas ceases to perform its main function – to produce insulin, develop diabetes. In cancer of this organ displayed a completely different therapy.
Pancreatitis can have different shapes and lead to the development of stomach ulcers, gallstones, hepatitis, cirrhosis etc. in acute pancreatitis it is very important to consult a doctor and start taking pain and antispasmodic medications. In the treatment of the disease great importance is attached to fasting. The lack of food in the stomach inhibits secretion of pancreatic enzymes and, therefore, provides an opportunity to prevent the destruction of the cells of the body.
The patient shows drinking alkaline mineral water and cold on the epigastric region. For chronic and acute pancreatitis possible appointment antifermental drugs, coupled with a special diet involving the consumption of food prepared on pair. From the diet completely excluded salty, spicy, fried, smoked and spicy dishes. Banned and is alcohol. In some cases, such a diet is recommended to observe for several years and even throughout life. The same applies to the appointment of enzyme preparations – "Mezim", "Antiscale" Festal".
Traditional medicines can be used only in the adjuvant therapy. First and foremost, they need to improve digestion and promote the activity of pancreatic enzymes. With pancreatitis you can prepare this infusion of herbs: mix equal parts of mint, fennel seeds, coriander, St. John's wort, elecampane and sushenitsu. One tablespoon of the mixture pour one Cup of boiling water. After an hour, strain and take a quarter Cup three times a day. In remission can be assigned some physiotherapy.
As for diabetes, depending on its type, is assigned to insulin therapy, or treatment with antidiabetic drugs. The treatment of pancreatic cancer in case of impossibility of surgical intervention is reduced to adequate pain management. Not be amiss and traditional anticancer therapy involving the use of fungus, comfrey, willow, burdock and dandelion for medicinal fees and pure form to reduce toxicity and digestive disorders.