Acute pancreatitis is an acute inflammation of the pancreas. Aktiviziruyutsya the pancreatic enzymes and then penetrate into the cells of the interstitial tissue of the gland, thereby improve the permeability of blood vessels, causing swelling of the body. Manifestations of acute pancreatitis of little comfort: acute pain in the epigastric region of the abdomen, most often are surrounding the character. In addition, the disease is often accompanied by vomiting, collapse, violation of the chair. As a rule, the development of chronic pancreatitis is directly related to a patient transferred earlier acute pancreatitis, but there are plenty of other concomitant causes: liver disease, thyroid disease, atherosclerosis, ulcerative colitis, hemochromatosis. Manifestations of acute and chronic diseases can be characterized as a mild pain and a very strong, up to shock conditions.

Of course, to treat pancreatitis should be solely in the outpatient setting and it is very important to complete all the necessary research, since it is possible, subject to timely treatment, to fully restore the state of the pancreas. The treatment process consists of the following: acute pancreatitis should be fasting for three days; when the pain make spazmolitiki; take drugs that lower acidity; it is important to follow a fractional power with a limited amount of animal fat; still need to take enzymes. In protracted chronic diseases or in advanced cases, may need surgical intervention. But remember that in addition to treatment of pancreatitis, you must find the cause of the disease and also to take measures for their elimination.

At the people's medicine there are also ways how to treat pancreatitis:

  1. Make carrot and potato juice, sauerkraut juice.

  2. To drink infusion of calendula, peppermint, corn ryltsev, field daisies and plantain (only with low acidity).

  3. Use alcohol tincture of barberry root.

  4. To make a decoction of the Golden mustache, to insist and drink about 50 ml (the dose you need to be careful, be individualized and carefully).

  5. The use of fresh decoction of oats (enumerated oats add water and 30-40 hours to throw the "empty" grain, other dry, grind and brew, boiling about 2 minutes).