You will need
  • - water bottle with ice;
  • phone.
An acute attack of pancreatitis is characterized by pain surrounding, it is impossible to breathe, any movement causes sharp pain, nausea, stool becomes mushy thick consistency, the skin is covered with sticky sweat, becomes pale, the patient is tormented by shortness of breath, heartbeat quickens. The slightest delay in providing emergency threatens a person's life. During the attack the pancreas swells, it may be an abscess and hemorrhage.
To get rid of sharp pain in the pancreas caused by acute pancreatitis attack, you should immediately transport the patient to the hospital.
The treatment will be conducted in the ICU. The patient immediately conduct an MRI or CT scan, ultrasound, immediately put on a drip with a solution of antispasmodics, pain medications, diuretics and strong detergents that inhibit the pancreas. During an acute attack of iron begins to digest itself. Gland cells are rapidly killed, enzymes in huge quantities enter the bloodstream, leading to acute intoxication.
If the doctor decides that urgent surgery is required, the patient will have to undergo conservative therapy, which may take a lot of time. Besides urgent measures, the patient is prescribed the hunger for a few days. The vital functions of the body support with the help of dropper.
After each acute attack in the pancreas remain fibrous scar that replaces the glandular tissue. This inevitably leads to progression of chronic pancreatitis.
Throughout life, the patient should follow a diet, eat fractional and often at least 7 times a day. Diet prescribed by a doctor-gastroenterologist. The slightest change can lead to another attack.