You will need
  • - ice;
  • - pain relief ointment;
  • - powder concoctions;
  • - vodka;
  • - the leaves of plantain;
  • bint.
If it's badly damaged, get immediate medical help. The doctor will conduct the necessary examination to exclude the possibility of fracture. X-ray the surgeon will determine the degree of damage to the finger. If the injury is not strong, you can do traditional therapies. Also do not own bandaged sore thumb. If there are cracks you can only aggravate the situation. Give this procedure a specialist.
Try not to go at least the first day after injury and to keep the leg elevated. You need to avoid a rush of blood to the finger to reduce swelling.
Apply an ice compress to the bruised finger. If there is no ice, then lower your leg in cold water. This needs to be done to reduce the tumor pressing on nerve endings. Gently massage an ice cube to the injured spot. Carry out the procedure every 2 hours for 15 minutes. Ice packs are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes. After cooling, the place of injury to apply ointment with pain relieving or absorbing properties.
If the pain is severe, you can take a pill for pain medication.
During the strike the nail may be damaged. It is therefore important to ensure the locking in one position.
If the injury shows the following packs:
- Take the powder concoctions, you can buy it at the pharmacy. Mix it with water to make a thick paste. The resulting tool apply on bruised finger and bandage. Change the bandage 2 times a day;

- Moisten a clean cloth in vodka and apply to the injury site;

- Mash the fresh leaves of plantain. The resulting slurry was put on the injured finger and bandage.
A few days after the injury you need to do physical therapy. Attach to the sore finger dry heat, thereby warming it.
During the week it is necessary not to do sharp movements and to take it easy.