You will need
  • - Internet;
  • language Express courses;
  • friends speaking the Kazakh language;
  • - e-mail;
  • - notebook;
  • - grammar reference.
Purchase a grammar reference book with the basic rules of the Kazakh language. At first, with this edition you'll use regularly, to check organization of words in a sentence, forms of verbs, their conjugations. Well, if your directory will also be the alphabet and reading rules. This will save you from unnecessary expenses.
There are numerous tutorials for quick acquisition of the Kazakh language. Go to the selection of this publication responsibly. It is best if the tutorial will be accompanied by a special disc, recorded by native speakers. So you learn how to put the accent, to pronounce the words, organize the speech process.
Purchase the Russian-Kazakh and Kazakh-Russian modern dictionary. Optionally, select a publication with a huge number of words. First it's important that the information in the dictionary was modern.
If you have a smartphone or a tablet, get an interactive language course. When choosing guided by the feedback of buyers. Such courses are very helpful in my study of the language, clearly and simply explaining the essential rules of grammar and enrich vocabulary. There is also an effective way to test knowledge.
Pay attention to sites that help you quickly learn the Kazakh language. For example, In this resource you will find the alphabet and rules of reading and grammar reference, as well as additional information. Interestingly, to start exploring the website you will have in the Kazakh language. If there is mail, subscribe to the newsletter where you will receive language lessons.