You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - cash.
Start to familiarize themselves with the Armenian language. Go to "learn Armenian". There you can find everything you need to start: alphabet, read the rules, description, grammar and spelling. Learn to read the language, learn all presented rules. Only then start speaking simple phrases.
Use the tutorial for initial training. On the same website there is a tutorial for learning the Armenian language. The weakness of this approach of training is that you will not be able to quickly learn to speak. Although, in this type of training, you will not depend on anyone, and to comprehend the language.
Sign up for language courses. This is best done in Yerevan or other Armenian city. This approach is one of the most productive, because you can immerse yourself in the language environment and to study speaking under the supervision of an experienced teacher. This effect is almost impossible to achieve on their own.
Find a private tutor and tailor-make a training schedule. Work with the teacher one on one will help you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. You would have to decide how quickly you move through the program. Tell me what you want to do the release. The teacher will select the appropriate material you will learn how in lesson and at home.
Improve your skills when dealing with representatives of the Armenian language. Once you are able to speak simple phrases, find yourself a circle of communication with native speakers. Now in our country there are Armenians who speak Russian, and Armenian.
Communicate with them on the Internet or in person. Online you can find social groups, or to talk on Skype. But the best way to improve your skills while communication live. If you have the opportunity, visit Armenia for a while and practice the conversation with everyone she can.