Advice 1: How to learn to speak Armenian

Teaching of the Armenian language is no different from learning other languages. In Armenian, as in any other language, has its own difficulties, but they are quite amenable to study. If you want to speak Armenian, you will help the standard ways of learning foreign languages.
How to learn to speak Armenian
You will need
  • - the textbook of the Armenian language
  • - Armenian-Russian dictionary
  • - books in Armenian
  • movies on Armenian
Decide for yourself what purpose you will study the language and what level you wish to achieve. The knowledge required for tourist visits to Armenia are significantly different from those of the knowledge you need to conduct business negotiations. If you want basic knowledge, it makes no sense to spend time on more in-depth study of the language.
Choose the way of studying that best suits you. There are many various programs and courses of study of the Armenian remote and require immediate attendance. What you choose depends on your preferences.
Select some kind of basic program in which you will engage. It does not matter whether it is a course textbook or for self-study of the Armenian language. The important thing is that you will have the basis to which you will be able to add additional classes.
Watch movies in Armenian and listen to Armenian music and radio broadcasts. On the website you can find the list of Armenian radio stations. It is also useful to read books in Armenian. These extra classes will be no less useful than classes for the tutorial, and besides that – very interesting.
Communicate live with native speakers of the Armenian language. If you do not have Armenian acquaintances, you may find yourself interlocutors from Armenia via Skype. This method will help you not only to consolidate the knowledge of the language and make new friends.
Embark on a tourist trip to Armenia, where you can test your skills and experience the culture of this country. The study of any foreign language must be supported by practice. Visit to Armenia will help you to learn the subtleties of conversational Armenian, which you do not learn from textbooks.

Advice 2: Is it possible to learn to play the guitar by yourself?

Learn to take a few chords on the guitar is not too difficult. Is it possible to become a professional musician, having no diploma from a Conservatoire, music College or at least music school? Practice shows that it is possible. Among the outstanding guitarists you will find not so many degreed musicians.
Learn to play overkill

Where to start?

To learn to play, first need, of course, the guitar. And from the beginning it is advisable to choose good tool. Don't have to do it custom, among mass-produced instruments you can find something suitable, and they are usually cheaper than the custom. Immediately buy a good case (preferably hard), spare strings, a handle for the tuning pegs, but if the guitar with removable fretboard and the adjustment key. In addition, you will need:
- tutorial;
- table of chords;
- tablatures;
- metronome;
is the tuning fork.
The metronome and the tuning fork can not buy. Many music sites have electronic. You can also install a special program like GuitarPro with the proper devices and tables.
Do not attempt to choose a guitar yourself. Take with yourself in shop of a man who already owns the tool.

If you don't know music

Whether you need the guitar notes? Of course, literacy is never superfluous, so if you have the opportunity to learn basic music theory. This can be done independently. What is needed in the first stage, there is the tutorial: note names, place each on the staff and on the fretboard. Immediately start to learn the chords. Learn simple sequences. For that, you need to know the basic degrees – tonic, subdominant and dominant. It is desirable to remember still the dominant seventh chord occurs, its treatment and resolution.
The same sound the guitar can take a variety of ways. The more options you will master the better.

Learn notation

You will certainly need letter designations of the chords. In many books you can see above the lines of text in Latin lettering. This entry is called cifrovoi. In a good guitar reference book you'll find all the recording options of the chord – music, digital and tablature.

What is tablature?

Tablature is a graphic which depicts the position of each finger when the musician takes a particular chord. No need to memorize where the note is written. It is sufficient to find the right way and positioning his fingers as drawn. This option record is used by many musicians, not just beginners.

Making the right hand

Take the most simple chord, e.g. a minor or d minor. His right hand moving the strings from the thickest to the thinnest and Vice versa. Then try to touch all the strings together. When you start work, try to master the simple sequence – for example, a tonic-subdominant-dominant-tonic, that is the proverbial guitar "square". Learn how to quickly rearrange the chords. Practice the same sequence until you succeed and then move on to the next. Note that almost all popular songs can be played on the square, and for changing the pitch there is a Capo. If you learn the guitar, you will have to learn how to use several tools. Learning how to confidently play a brute force, start to master the combat and its different variants. Learn from the best on the songs when the melody voice.

Advice 3: How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

Though the word "cognac" and is entitled to be the only drink given in the French province, but the store is still referred to as all drinks are made according to cognac technology. Aged in oak barrels grape alcohol cognac, the drink is quite exquisite and expensive – it often brings in the form of a gift that already speaks about its status, but often counterfeited. Good affordable cognacs are produced in Armenia, but they are when you buy in the store are often counterfeit.
How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

What are the Armenian brandies

Unlike French brandies, an excerpt of which are marked with obscure letters: V. S., V. S. O. P., V. O., V. V. S. O. P., X. O., etc., Armenian cognacs are classified according to this parameter only into three categories: ordinary, vintage and collection.

Exposure of ordinary cognacs are indicated by asterisks: 1 year – 1 star. The minimum aging period of the cognac this "age group" 3 years, maximum of not less than 5 years. Age of vintage cognacs marked with letters. If the bottle says "KV - aged brandy, this means that before bottling it languished in oak barrels for at least 6 years. In the case when his "imprisonment" lasted for at least 8 years on the bottle says "KVVK - cognac sustained the highest quality. The letters "CS" - brandy old – they say that the drink is aged for at least 10 years, and "OS" is very old – at least 20 years. The collector's cognacs are older than 20 years of additional aging in barrels or in bottles for at least 3 years.

In store to distinguish the real Armenian cognac from a fake

Unfortunately, the main part of the famous cognac brands sold in quantities several times greater than what is stated in the records of the manufacturers. Are no exception and Armenian cognac. Choosing a beverage in the store, where has no possibility to evaluate its palatability, the first note on the bottle. Made of glass, it is, nevertheless, must look quite "dapper", no chips or cracks. Branded bottles with vintage and collectible brandy glass is decorated with a logo-print manufacturer.

The printing quality of labels has to be perfect – good quality paper, colors are bright, the letters are clear. The label should be glued over the entire surface, through it should not be visible glue. Inspect the tube – it should sit tight and damage on it are excluded. An indirect confirmation of the authenticity can serve as the match specified on the label or carton of the places where the cognac was made and bottled.

Cognac, especially aged, has a fairly high density. So, if you take the bottle in hand, and sharply turn it upside down, the liquid should not flow down the walls, and the dense mass to separate from the bottle of the day. Thus up must first rise of large air bubbles and then smaller is the density of the drink.

Advice 4: Traditions and customs Armenian wedding

One of the most important and magnificent holidays of the Armenians is the wedding. Armenian culture is rich in traditions and customs, and chief among them is the tradition of the wedding. They were handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Modernity has imposed upon them its mark, but things have come to this day almost unchanged.
Traditions and customs Armenian wedding

The Mediatrix

Before the bride was chosen by parents, or rather mother of the groom. Parents tried to make it so that the bridegroom could see the bride before the wedding. Selecting the right girl, the parents searched the mediator – relative, which was well received in the family of the girl.

The duties of the mediator entered the negotiations with the girl's family to obtain consent for the wedding. Now the morals have changed and the groom himself may choose his bride. In turn, the girl decides to be or not to be a wedding.


The tradition to send the matchmakers has not changed its value today. If the mediator talks ended with the agreement that after a few days in the girl's family went matchmakers. Before the bridegroom could not attend in the delegation. Part of matchmakers include men on the paternal side, and often the groom's mother.

The two men began a conversation from afar. First discussed topics not related to the wedding. Then, in allegorical form, the two men were told the purpose of his arrival: came to take a flower from your ashes. There are many options.

It was considered bad form, if the bride's parents immediately agree to the wedding. Usually the bride's father, if agreed to, requested time for reflection. The Declaration of consent also occurs in allegorical form. After that, by tradition, the table was laid, and the young drank brandy or vodka.


Now the date of the engagement and all of its conventions are agreed even on the matchmaking. On the agreed day at the groom's house are all close relatives. All guests bring gifts to the bride. The father of the groom in this day of the killing of a calf or sheep.

At bride's table. Guests from both sides sit down at the table. The groom gives the bride a ring. Guests give toasts with wishes of happiness to young. The bridegroom promises that he will do everything to fulfill all wishes. The bride, silently, thanked and passes his wine glass to his father. After this starts the presentation of gifts to the bride. Usually towards the end of the feast the parents of the bride and groom stipulate the day of the wedding.

Modern wedding traditions and customs

Favorable time, as before, is the autumn. But today in Vogue summer wedding.

On the eve of the holiday is decorating the bride's house, where you must keep the carpeting. Her young will be the car that will take them to the ceremony.

Modern Armenian wedding has not lost its fluffiness over time. The duration of the festivities can be two and seven days. The bride and groom are allowed to dance only one dance, during which numerous guests showered them with money.

In Armenian wedding traditions, and similar to Russian customs. These include loaf. The Armenians, it was replaced with pita bread, but the meaning of this ceremony remains the same. The only difference is that Armenians have not decided to compete, who will be the master of the house – the primacy of men is undeniable.

At the end of the ceremony is the presentation of gifts to the young. Basically, give money and jewelry.

Armenian wedding is still accompanied by a huge number of traditions and rituals, that list is just not possible. Some practices, such as bathing of the bride and groom are gone, some alive to this day.
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