You will need
  • Dictionaries, a textbook of Armenian language books and videos in the Armenian language.
How quickly you will learn the Armenian language, depends on several factors. The first of these is your motivation. You must answer the question, why do you want to learn a foreign language. All the answers can be divided into two groups. Can you teach the good knowledge of the language. The Armenian language is a desirable goal. And you can learn to achieve other goals. The Armenian is only an aid. For example, a long journey to Armenia or training in educational institutions of this country. The second approach, say psychologists, is much more effective and less energy for the body.
Another factor is the possibility of your immersion. To teach the Armenian language in Armenia is much simpler. But being in another part of the globe you will be able to do it. Try to communicate with native speakers, listen to Armenian music and watch movies in Armenian language with subtitles. Do it from time to time, but every day.
It is important to choose the appropriate your goals, the methodology for the study of the Armenian language. It depends on what form of language you expect to use more often. If written, pay great attention to the study of grammar. Learn by heart the rules, do the practice tests and exercises. Browse books, Newspapers and websites in Armenian language.
In the case of the need to develop oral language spend more time for practice of communication and the viewing of television programs in the Armenian language. When you understand the logic of phrasing, you will be much easier to formulate them yourself.
Remember that the speed of language learning depends on the frequency of training and repetition. The first time you will have plenty of time to apply to the same material. But as language learning the need for this will decline.