You will need
  • Fabric
  • Paper-graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Take measurements and record in the table. Measurements should be taken into account the following parameters: bust, waist, hip, front length to waist back length to waist, arm length, shoulder width, breast width, breast height, breast-distance, deep neck, deep arm openings, the line of the hips from the waist, skirt length.
How to make a dress
Build a basic bodice pattern. To do this, draw a vertical line mid-front and back. Draw a horizontal line of the hips and move the waist line at a distance equal to the length of the hip line.
How to make a dress
Draw from the waist line of the breast at a distance equal to the depth of the armhole. Mark the point of the width of the chest.
Put the values on the chest front and back and draw a vertical line through the resulting points.
Mark the width of hips, length of front to waist from waist line, the length of back to waist from the waist line.
Check that the middle of the Darts at the waist line of the front was at the most protruding points of the chest. Set aside half of the breast away from the line mid-front. The middle of the Darts at the waist line of the back should be at the distance of half the chest distance minus 0.5 cm from the mid line of the back.
Draw the lines of the side sections with given constant values.

Swipe Darts in the waist back and front given the constant and variables.
Spend the neckline backless. Width of the neck backless equal to 6cm the height of the neck is equal to 1 centimeter.
Draw the neckline of the front. Mouth width of the front is 0.5 cm larger than the width of the neck backless. Height equal to the depth of the neck, aside from the length of the front to the waist line. The beginning of the curvature perform, departing 3-4 cm from the beginning of the shoulder cut.
Set aside 9 cm horizontally from the notch width of the neck, and from the point go down vertically 3 cm Connect this point with the notch width of the neck and get the slope of the shoulder cut.
Mark the middle between the bust line and neck line on the middle of the back. 1 cm below, draw a horizontal line equal in length to half the width of the back. This is the width of the back.
Spend a perpendicular line from a point the width of the backrest to the shoulder line. Put right 2 cm Is the shoulder line.
Three of the resulting points draw a line of the armhole of the back.
Draw a line from a point one third the distance from the neckline to the chest. This is the line width of the breast.
Put horizontally from the middle front cut equal to half the distance of the chest+3cm to the intersection of the shoulder line. Guide from this point the line to the breast line. This is the first line of upper tuck the front.
Remove the excess fabric at the shoulder cut in a tuck with a length of 8-10 cm
Make the skirt pattern. First, draw a line front and back of the skirt along the length of the skirt.
How to make a dress
Draw a line to the bottom of the skirt. This hip+4 cm
Draw the waistline and the hips.
Determine the solution of the Darts on the front and back.
Determine the slant lines of the side of the slice. The solution of the Darts divide in half for front and back, then the result will reduce by 0.5 cm.
Determine the depth of the Darts in the front and back. The solution of the Darts divide in half and increase each tuck 0.5 cm
Make two Darts on the back panel. The value of the solution tucks divide in half. Plotting points connect smooth, slightly curved lines.
Draw the Darts in the front cloth with a solution of 1,5 – 1,75(cm), dividing the main at 2-3. Depth check during the fitting. The length of the Darts is approximately 7-8cm.
You cut it to the width of the belt in grosgrain ribbon or according to your taste by adding 3 cm of the allowances. The length of the belt make 6-8cm more than the waist line on the skirt pattern without regard to tucks, for the manufacture of fasteners.
Stitch the pattern pieces. The dress is ready.
How to make a dress