You will need
  • - ready skirt or the fabric for her sewing;
  • - fabric for bodice (lace, hosiery-"stocking");
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - overlock;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • centimeter;
  • decorative braid;
  • - elastic band;
  • - a belt (scarf, sash, belt);
  • - optional: a piece of lace or mesh for the top of the skirt.
Audits in their wardrobe. If you have a dressy skirt, it can be the basis for an improvised evening dresses. For the upper part – the bodice - buy fabric-companion matching colors and textures. When possible, choose a fabric with nedosypayuschie slices (e.g., lace), it will simplify the processing of the edges.
Obmerte inch bust and take the rectangle of fabric. Provide allowances on the side seams and bottom parts cut 1.5 cm; upper hems leave about 2 cm of margin.
Turn the canvas face down and run back connecting seam. After that, sewn the upper section by hand or on the serger, create the drawstring and make a straight line close to the edge.
Thread through the top hem and narrow elastic or a beautiful lace tie. Sew the top straps and decorative braid.
Sewn the lower section of the bodice. If it is made of nedosypayuschie paintings can leave the edge raw.
Attach the bottom of the finished top part evening dresses the face to the underside of the belt skirt. Sew clothes manually hidden seam or lay on the front side of fabric decorative machine stitching.
Look in stores, the so-called Jersey fabric-"stocking" - it is knitted cotton, closed in the form of a tube. Pick up the material the desired width and length, and you can do without the back seam. Enough to handle the top and bottom edges of the bodice.
If appropriate skirts in your wardrobe was not, sew the bottom of the dress with her hands. It is recommended that a simple, yet striking pattern – "the sun". It is constructed in the form of a circle, the center of which a circle is drawn according to the waist girth and 3-4 inches to freedom fit.
To build the pattern long skirt, you will need a wide panel. Narrow woven cut you cut it the product of two semi – circles ("pollutants").
Sew the side seams (if the skirt consists of two parts); treat upper and lower sections.
Connect the bodice to the skirt. If the junction of the two parts cut turned out unprofessional, veil it with a beautiful belt. His role may be the original strap, a scarf or a ribbon of a suitable design.