Advice 1: How to sew a dress in the style of mods

After the release of the film "Stilyagi" became fashionable to throw theme parties in the style. Girls especially are attracted to retro dresses, bright and extremely feminine, to make them not only a professional dressmaker and seamstress, having basic skills in tailoring and sewing.
How to sew a dress in the style of mods

From which to sew a dress in the style of mods

Pick a bright fabric. It can be floral print, large or small peas or plain colors. Suitable for sewing silk, thin knitted fabrics, sewing and Batista.

To make a full skirt, sheer need. You can pick up in tone of the basic material or to make a contrast. In addition, you will need the following materials and tools;
- pattern-based dresses;
- bias binding;
- concealed back zip;
- thread to match the fabric;
- wide elastic braid;
- sewing supplies.

How to make a pattern

To build patterns, use the pattern-based dresses. Cut detail of the back and forepart at the waist. Enhance the neckline and the shoulder line.

The skirt pattern, you can build directly on the fabric. Fabric fold 4 times. In the corner of the set aside measure waist girth divided by 6. Spend an arc with this radius. From this line put down the measure of the length of the skirt and draw a arc parallel to the waist line. Will have plenty of tulle 3-4 similar items for podubnii.

To cut out the bodice, fold the remaining material in half inside out and attach to bend the pattern of the shelves, next place the pattern for the back. Circle templates tailor's chalk and cut out details, leaving the seam on all slices.

How to sew a dress

Stitch detail of the back in the midline to vrachevanie hidden back zip. Then vsheyte clasp. Sew side and shoulder seams. Treat with bias binding or facing for the armholes and neck.

The upper section of the skirt-the sun will connect with the bottom side of the bodice and stitch detail. Dress try and clarify the line of the bottom of the skirt. Cut off the excess and treat the cut with bias binding.

Make petticoat Quinceanera. The lower sections of the parts of the tulle panel with bias binding. Put the details of the skirt together and baste on the waist line. Measure the desired amount of wide elastic band and sew it to the top cut podobnik, slightly pulling.

Emphasize the waist with a wide belt in a contrasting color. And large bright beads, plastic clips and pumps to match the belt to complete the look and make it harmonious.

Advice 2: How to sew a dress with one shoulder

The most difficult stage of creating a garment for a beginner seamstress to take correct measurements and cut out the product. But because I really badly want to sew new clothes, and not understand the clock in diagrams and drawings... a Great way is to sew a dress on one shoulder, which is based on an old tank top or t-shirt.
During sewing, you must observe safety

Cutting products

For sewing summer dresses with one shoulder you will need a solid knitted tank or t-shirt that fits you well and the color matches the main color of the fabric. For example, for a white fabric with a purple pattern the best fit white t-shirt of the same hue.
The fabric for this model should be easy and well-draped. But most importantly – must not enlightened.

To draw on paper pattern and then transfer it to fabric. But to bash the product, you need to take some measurements. The first need for modelling the main focus of the dress – shoulder. Measure on the bias line length from the shoulder point to the level above the chest where you want to be found by the upper border of the dress. Remove your shirt or t-shirt inside out and mark the perpendicular segment from one shoulder to the bottom. Then, guided by this mark, draw a horizontal line top of the product, modeling the halter on one side and an open shoulder on the other.

The next measurement is the length of the top of the product. It is measured from the shoulder point through the center of the chest to the desired level at the distance of a few centimeters underneath the Breasts. Postponing the cut on the shirt, starting from the edge of the straps. Then cut out detail.

Take the main fabric and fold in half face inward. Cut two parts. The first is the rectangle that will serve as a skirt. Pre-measure the length of products, starting from a point under the breast end of the upper part of the dress. The second part is a strip of fabric the width of 30-35 cm, which will become a beautiful frill falling from the shoulder.
Do not forget to add a couple of inches of the allowances. If this is not done, the dress can be enough for you to sit or not as you would like.

Detail of the skirt need to be cut into two pieces at the fold line. Next, take the measuring tape, wrap it around itself so that it is freely held at chest level and at the level of the hips. While a few inches should remain "in reserve". Divide this length in half, mark the center of the main details of the dress with pins. Then fold the fabric in half and cut off the area from the points marked with pins, smoothly comparing a slice from the touchline.


Make the item start with the side seams of the skirt. Then take the bodice in the color of the main fabric. Its length should allow the fabric to fit snugly to the body, but not squeeze it. Sew the elastic to the top of the line fabric skirt inside out, forming the Assembly. Treat the bottom of the product, with tucked the cut twice, and paving a straight line.

You can then sew the top and bottom details of the dress, attaching them face each other. As the Jersey is almost not fray, cut shirts, you can not pre-processing.

Proceed to the final step – the formation of ruffles. Take the previously cut strip of fabric and sew to the top of its cut from the inside of thin rubber, equal in length to slightly tense as the shoulder girth on the top line of the dress. Then sew a strip of material along the side cut the front part inside. Sew the ruffle along the line of the gum, putting it wrong side on the front part of a vest. The dress is ready!
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