From which to sew a dress in the style of mods

Pick a bright fabric. It can be floral print, large or small peas or plain colors. Suitable for sewing silk, thin knitted fabrics, sewing and Batista.

To make a full skirt, sheer need. You can pick up in tone of the basic material or to make a contrast. In addition, you will need the following materials and tools;
- pattern-based dresses;
- bias binding;
- concealed back zip;
- thread to match the fabric;
- wide elastic braid;
- sewing supplies.

How to make a pattern

To build patterns, use the pattern-based dresses. Cut detail of the back and forepart at the waist. Enhance the neckline and the shoulder line.

The skirt pattern, you can build directly on the fabric. Fabric fold 4 times. In the corner of the set aside measure waist girth divided by 6. Spend an arc with this radius. From this line put down the measure of the length of the skirt and draw a arc parallel to the waist line. Will have plenty of tulle 3-4 similar items for podubnii.

To cut out the bodice, fold the remaining material in half inside out and attach to bend the pattern of the shelves, next place the pattern for the back. Circle templates tailor's chalk and cut out details, leaving the seam on all slices.

How to sew a dress

Stitch detail of the back in the midline to vrachevanie hidden back zip. Then vsheyte clasp. Sew side and shoulder seams. Treat with bias binding or facing for the armholes and neck.

The upper section of the skirt-the sun will connect with the bottom side of the bodice and stitch detail. Dress try and clarify the line of the bottom of the skirt. Cut off the excess and treat the cut with bias binding.

Make petticoat Quinceanera. The lower sections of the parts of the tulle panel with bias binding. Put the details of the skirt together and baste on the waist line. Measure the desired amount of wide elastic band and sew it to the top cut podobnik, slightly pulling.

Emphasize the waist with a wide belt in a contrasting color. And large bright beads, plastic clips and pumps to match the belt to complete the look and make it harmonious.