Advice 1: How to sew a trapeze dress quickly

Even if you are not an experienced seamstress, to sew a trapeze dress will not be easy. For this you will need to make a pattern and correctly to cut it. Back you can sew the zipper to the dress was comfortable to wear.
Trapeze dress

How to model the pattern a-line dress

A-line dress is a stylish summer outfit that should be present in every girl's wardrobe. It perfectly emphasizes the feminine silhouette. Of course, it can be purchased in a trendy boutique. But do not worse and trapeze dress sewn by yourself. The main thing is to choose a quality fabric to your liking.

Simulation pattern a-line dress is not so difficult. In work you can rely on the usual pattern of dress. Only require additional construction patterns of single-joint sleeve. Also, the pattern of back will need to remove the tuck and slightly expand the neck at the back ( about an inch).

On the side you need to make recklessne 7 inches, and then hold the line of the side seam. Do not forget that one-piece sleeve should be short enough to reach the elbow.

As a result of cutting, you should get details such as: sleeve, front of dress, back of dress, neck facing front, in front of the dress. By the way, be sure to leave the seam (3 cm below).

The sewing process

After cutting, you can start sewing a-line dress. This is a simple process that will not take you much time. On the front of the dress should sew Darts in the lapel and gently press the bottom seams. You then sew the shoulder and side seams. As for allowances, they should be smoothed and neatly.

Piping on the neck of the dress be sure to treat the fabric and sew at the shoulder seams. Then place the cut at the neck and sew. Allowances definitely cut off, remove the piping, sewn them and carefully iron. With stitch piping need to tack to shoulder seams. Piping on the back should tuck and tack on the ribbon of zippers.

By the way, should be more to describe the process of sewing the zipper in back of dress. For starters, decide the location of the lightning and fortify this place a small piece of termoskan. Then place the frame under the zipper and cut it from the neck to the center.

The zipper should be placed under the frame so that the teeth were visible. Then will only have to tack and stitch the zipper on the front side. In conclusion, remember to tuck and stitch the hem allowances of dress and sleeves by hand. Here's the whole process of sewing a-line dress.

Advice 2: How to cut a dress

Who knows how to cut a dress, he is constantly improving his skills, invents and applies new methods of technique cut to make the cutting of the clothes are clear and available for use to everyone.
How to cut a dress
Before beginning cutting make very precise measurements of the shape and record the calculations.
A wide piece of fabric fold over the front edges in so that the folded halves fit the width of the backrest and shelves on the bottom, taking into account allowances and reserves at the side seams. Try to cut out the dress most economical, and, at the same time, more interesting to place the fabric on the product.
Spend a few lines parallel to the bottom:
line the hems of the bottom, stepping back from the edge the width of the bend;

-line length product (backless);

-line depth of Rostock;

-waist line;

-the line of the hips;

-the line depth of the armhole.
These lines put the segments according to the measurements and calculations, measured from the fold line of the backrest:
-the width of the bottom of the backrest;

-the width of Rostock;

segments equal to one-fourth of measurements "hip circumference", "waist" on the lines of the hips and waist of the back and shelves;

-the line depth of openings set aside 2 cut: "(a)" half measurements "width back to the line of openings a", "b)" half measurements "shoulder width seam to side";

-from point "a)" a perpendicular up to the line of openings;

point "b)" connect point of the width of the bottom of the back and complete the side seam;

-primary point of spend an arc radius equal measure "shoulder length";

from the point of intersection of the waist line fold back make an arc (of radius equal measure "the height of the shoulder slash"), at the intersection of the arc "length of arm" we get the bottom point of the shoulder, which is connected to the point b) and draw armhole.
Extend the half shelves are parallel: line hem hem, the waistline, the hips.
Up from the waist line put a new main line to the measure "length of waist front. From her down-to-measure – the "key features". On this line put point measurements width chest: "(a) and (b)". As for the back build a Rostock, shoulder and armhole. Complete the side seam.
Of primary point shelves down put-to-measure "breast height" parallel and it put the point of the center of the chest. From this point, build a tuck in the side seam, the solution of which is equal to the difference between the length of the barrels of the back and front. Adjust the side seam tailored Darts.
Before you cut the dress, once again check all the points and distances according to the measurements and calculations.

Advice 3: How to sew women's dress

The dress can rightly be called one of the main things a woman's wardrobe. Modern women wear fashionable dress not only in the theatre or social events, but at parties and discos. Every girl can look amazing in a dress that flatters the figure and makes the image elegant and feminine.
How to sew women's dress
You will need
  • - Dress fabric;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - threads;
  • - satin ribbon;
  • - the lining fabric.
For sewing, choose a fabric dress. It looks very impressive dress, made of crinkle, especially if it is decorated with embroidery. You can emphasize the waist line and at the same time decorate the dress with the lacing of satin ribbons. Flying silhouette dress will attach the ruffle.
From the selected fabric cutting the middle part of the front. From the chest line to the waist line mark on it on both sides of the six segments of the for loops. In these loops will be inserted satin ribbon. Also the lacing can be done on the back. Do the cutting of the two middle and side parts of the backrest and side parts of the front. Then cutting the two lower and two upper flounce.
All items duplicate on the lining fabric. Details lining baste the top to the corresponding parts of the dress. Continue to work with smeshannymi details as with a single layer. Fold the face inward a forward bake. Back 4 mm from the bend and route the line. Then remove it and cut it into 12 pieces. From each part make a loop, baste to the middle part of the front.
Front and back follow Princess seams. Side – attrocity close to the seams. Details of the back and front with stitch sides and shoulders. In the cut parts of the back viacyte hidden zip closure. If you decide to do the lace up back of dress, zipper on the side vsheyte. Sections of the armholes of the sleeves and neck treat with bias binding.
Sew all the ruffles on the sides. The upper sections priamerica, bottom – sewn. Sew lower flounce to the lower cut of the cloth, and the middle one to the top. Sew two banners. The upper section priamerica to the length of the lower section of the upper part of the dress. Baste top flounce to upper cut the cloth.
Sew the lining sides. Priamerica cloth on the top slice. Fold and pin the skirt to the top of the dress. Pin the lining to face the underside of the top. The lining and skirt together and sew to the top of the dress, then loosen down. The lining hem. Thread the satin ribbon crosswise in loops of the lacing and tie a bow or just double knot to the ribbon hang down.
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