You will need
  • request to the housing Department;
  • request to the Federal migration service;
  • request to OPGRC (recentr);
  • request to the tax office;
  • request a BTI.
To find out who is the owner of the apartment, contact the housing Department. There are all the information about all the registered tenants and the landlord. If the place of residence is the apartment in which the owner does not live to find his real place of residence, contact the Federal migration service. Fill the form proposed statement, specify the reason why you need to find a person according to the details issued by the housing Department. After a few days you will be given information.
Information about the owners of apartments are available in the office of the Federal registration centres. Contact the organization, write an application for obtaining extracts EGRP, indicate the reason for interest, pay the state fee for the issuance of information. You will be given a complete list of all owners for 10 years.
After the registration of property rights from the registration centre received information to the tax office at the location of the apartments for the accrual of taxes for the property. So you can contact the district tax office and ask about all the owners at the appropriate address. Besides, the owner is obliged to pay annual income taxes for renting apartments for rent.
Information about owners is available in the technical inventory Bureau. Given all of the information from the organization only upon request of the notary, at the request of the owner or at the request of the court. But the problem can be solved if to give technical engineer a box of chocolates and brandy. Official written information, you certainly do not get, but the information in a simple oral form – easily.
If information about the owner could not be obtained, refer the application to the court. Write all the claims that you would like to meet personally with the owner. At the request of the judiciary will be given full information.