Contact the ownerm adjacent spaces and try to collect all possible information about the owner.
If this is a residential building, the facilities there are in the municipal property (administered by the Department of housing or the ownership of the HOA.
If the owner is not identified, and the building belongs to non-residential Fund, contact the local office of the cadastral service, in order to obtain an extract from the unified state register. You can say that this requires the application of the owner of the premises. This is not so. All information USRR (with the exception of special cases) free. So apply, specify the address of the premises, please show your passport, pay the state duty and receive a discharge. This statement will contain some information about the present owner of the premises (full name).
If you refuse to provide the information on the grounds that your statement is not specified, or information about the room absent, try to send a request to the local authority ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI, in order to get a statement from IGROX. The information provided in AGRAX, and contain information from the BTI, so there is no need to contact the BTI is not necessary. In the list of characteristics of the premises and will include information about its size, and also the information you need about the owner of the premises. But unfortunately, this statement can not be provided to individuals not interested (financially and legally) for their receipt.
Make a request to the local authorities to determine the owner of the housing. By the way, the room can be in municipal ownership.
If this room was owned by an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, please contact the tax office to obtain the extract from egrip or register. Use the assistance of law firms for the smooth receiving them.