You will need
  • Internet access, funds for the payment of fees, address, cadastral parcel number
Contact FRS. The full name of the institution is: Department of management of Federal Registration service a certain area. Here you should write your own statement to provide information about the owner. As a rule, the FRS requires for their services payment of the state fee. This can be done in the near the Bank, rendering services in transfer payments. After payment of the duty the citizen leaves the application with the address and cadastral number of interesting plot. After five days in FRS will issue a document that displays all the data on the owner of the site. This document is an extract from the state register. The statement is supported by a list of documents on the basis of which the said citizen owns this land. This is the surest and most effective way to identify the owner of the land.
Please contact the district Administration. There are times when the cadastral number of the land plot to the citizen unknown. Then you can contact the district Administration where the land is. On the basis of the statement in the Administration can tell the owner of the land without cadastral number. However, in this case may also require the payment of contributions for the information provided.
Use the world wide web. If no address or cadastral number of the citizen is unknown, it is necessary to use the Internet. In the network you can always find special programs that display the address of a specific area according to the scheme (map). In such programs you should be aware of the location of interest to the citizen object. Once the exact address of the land found, you need to go back to the above points and to go to authorities.