You will need
  • application in FPRZ;
  • - the statement in local administration;
  • - a statement in FUSCH;
  • - the statement in tax inspection.
To find out the owner of the land plot, contact the Federal office of the state registration center. Apply to receive information about the site. Ownership rights are registered in the centre in accordance with the Federal law 122-F3 and article 131 of the civil code. Pay the state fee for a printout of archival information. You will receive accurate information about all of the owner's who have ever recorded their ownership.
All the information about the owner of the site are available in the local administration, as any land is alienated under the resolution and in land surveying provided all of the information in the local municipality. Contact there statement. You will get all the information about the owner and if you need it, you can get more information about the change of ownership to the area in recent years.
After the procedure of registration of property rights all the information about changing the owner of the registration centre shall send to the district tax office that the annual tax sent to the new owner. Therefore, you can contact the organization and obtain full information on the owner of the land plot.
Before you register on any part of the issue cadastral passport and the earth put on cadastral registration. The application for these procedures takes the future owner. You can contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography and all the information about the customer technical works on the site. Usually, this person always becomes the owner, as surveying of the land plot is a rather expensive procedure and without any intention to register their rights of ownership it is unlikely that it will produce.