You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership (if you are the owner of the apartment, but not registered in it).
To get the extract from the house register, it is necessary during working hours to contact the passport office of your management company or other entity involved in servicing the house where your apartment is located.
If you are prescribed in the apartment, pasportistam be enough for your passport with the relevant mark. Are you the owner, in this case, it doesn't matter. If the apartment or the share in it belongs to you, but you it is not spelled out, bring a certificate of ownership to a living space.
Present pasportistam necessary documents (passport and certificate of housing ownership, if your case is true) and say that you need an extract from the house register. After reviewing your documents, the officer will prepare it with you. The service is free and involves only the cost of the way to the passport office and the time waiting for their turn and preparing the document. A statement contains all the information you need.