If at the time of privatization of housing you were under 18 years of age, ask your parents to show you the ownership papers. Read the documents to find out, did you take part in the privatization. However, even in that case, if you are since one of the homeowners, the right to re-privatization, you retain
If for any reason you do not have access to documents confirming that you have taken (or not taken) participation in the privatization request to the FRS in your area. Get the extract from the unified state register, which must include all owners of privatized housing. To obtain the relevant information regarding the period prior to February 1, 1998, please fill out the appropriate application form to the BTI.
If you refused to provide information on your issue, use the services of one of the law firms that can help you for the appropriate fee.
Contact the passport office (the passport – for residents of Moscow and some other cities) and take the extract from the house register, which must be specified, and who were registered in the apartment (house) at the time of privatization and had a right to it.
Contact the tax office at the place of privatization and ask whether you to the list of home-owners are obligated to pay the estate tax. In that case, if you have not participated in privatization, the data from you to the tax inspection will be absent. Take a certificate confirming the absence of data about you as an owner of the property.
If you come from another city and are going to take part in the privatization of housing, will receive similar help still the address of registration.