You will need
  • the Internet to be able to learn more about a particular idea and, of course, rabid enthusiasm and endless optimism.
Cafe/restaurant – the idea is simple, as the world and even a bit of classical, but you can bring your event a touch of specificity, adding a certain theme. For example, the party of "hipsters", the party in the style of "hippies" or party "back to school". Come up with something that suits you.
The Aqua Park. Suitable for daring people who love the water. Definitely, this Birthday will long be remembered by all your guests. In the Park there is a place for calm and quiet people who prefer to lazily splash around in the water, and for lovers of extreme sports.
In nature, and no matter what time of year you were born, in the winter you can go to database and go skiing, sking and snowboarding, then warm up with hot tea (or just tea). "Annuals" can I have a Birthday party in the style of the picnic is to choose the most beautiful meadow in the woods, spread out a large blanket and cook the kebabs, sandwiches and salads.
Tour option. Kazan – a beautiful city where you can find many attractions and monuments. Why not hold some kind of excursion in the city? If you think it's too boring and uninteresting, can conduct a tour of the most important and dear to your heart. Can start with a maternity hospital.
Based on your Hobbies. A versatile and creative. Like to walk on shops, and friends often call you a Shopaholic? Then arrange a birthday right in the Mall! For the feast will be held at the cozy cafe, which is a lot in any Mall. Do you like football? Then the perfect place for your party – football field, where you can have a picnic, and after play.