Prepare the guest list. It should not be large, you do not have to invite all relatives to the seventh generation, an entire Department or the whole neighborhood. Let it be the closest and dearest people you want to see.
Evaluate your financial situation. Well, if you can book a room in the restaurant and live music with the show, but with a small amount of money it is better not to venture.
Select the place. It could be your own apartment, house to one of your friends, the restaurant or the edge of the forest. Rate the technical capabilities of the room (or place): is there electricity, can I light an open fire, how to seat guests.
As show programs agree either with professional actors or with friends-invite. Surely some of them dancing, a magic show, singing, playing.
Treats and drinks can also be elements. Order or make yourself a meal in the shapes of different objects: flowers, ships, animals. This is especially true for confectionery.
Make a list of contests that your guests will want to participate. It is desirable to choose them in such a way that each won at least once. In the team competition, look for tasks in which the final result will be a draw. Distribute contests, depending on the condition and mood of the guests: outdoor games set in the beginning when there is still power to run, and the calm towards the end, when guests are tired and relax.