Consider all the reasons why you want perfectits from your Institute, weigh the pros and cons. Often in studencheskoi of life are a situation when the decision is made not by the head, and emotions. Reasons for this can be many: no rapport with the teacher, the conflict in the group etc, after some deliberation you decide to end the institution, and then obtain a second degree or go to grad school in a different specialty.
If you have surely decided to change the direction of his education, first go to the Dean's office of the Institutein which you want to learn. You need information about the number of free budget(or commercial). It so happens that the group is fully staffed and for translating you will have to wait until next year. In case of availability of seats try to get an appointment with the Dean or Director. First you notify of your desire translation, and secondly, know about the possible interview when taking you to the Institute.
Next, go to the Dean of the institution where you're. Upon admission, each student is issued a personal matter and an envelope with documents that contained a statement, examination sheet, pictures and information about all exams, tests and practices. If you are going out of the Institute, the application and the examination paper must cross, pictures to give you, and you have to pick up the student ID and the gradebook. If necessary, you can ask to be characteristics and to obtain data about your grades.
Then again, you need to visit the site of your future training. Secretary of the Dean's office will provide you with an application form, which you must fill and prepare the exam sheet and take photos (3-4 pieces of size 3*4). Later you will be able to get the student and a record book. Get information on re-taking the difference in the objects. If you brought the documents in the same University but in another institution, the difference in the record book may be put down by agreement with instructors (all have passed all the exams and tests teachers put down without problems if you have trained). But when transferring to a new University, you may have to take all of the items necessary to test the knowledge and populate the grade book.
When applying on a commercial basis need to pay the tuition for the year or six months (details also get in the Dean's office). After documentation problems resolved, you can safely go and meet classmates.