Advice 1: What is the make and model of car

The make and model of car - not the identical thing as many believe. Between them there is a huge difference. One brand of car can be a lot of models.

What is the make and model of car

Big family

The brand of the machine is a basic concept. We can say that it is a trademark brand. For example, the Nokia N8 - in this case the Nokia brand N8 model. Same is the case with cars. Make Skoda, model Yeti or Octavia. The make of the car often determines its affiliation to a particular carin relation to the concern. For example, the brand of the car VAZ made at AVTOVAZ plant.

Every car brand has a model, and not one. A model is a type of car (body style), produced under a certain brand. For example, Forester, Outback, Impreza, XV, BRZ, Legacy, Tribeca, WRX model range of the brand Subaru. You can draw an analogy with the name. In the family Ivanovs is Masha, Igor, Alena and Stepan. All of them have one name, but they have different names. And in the family of Suzuki is Swift, SX4 and Vitara.

What does the name

The origin of the name of the car brand can be different. It can be the abbreviation BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke , which translated from German means "Bavarian motor works". Everyone knows the Mercedes car was named after the daughter of the head of the representative office of Daimler in France. If we talk about the brand Mercedes in detail, it is worth looking at the model name. They are all in the name of the letter and number. The letter denotes the class number – the volume of the engine (except trucks). For example, the E320 or A180. This means that the body belongs to the class of E, and the car has an engine capacity of 3.2 liter. In another example, the body type is belong to class A and has a volume of 1.8 liter engine. Luxury cars at Mercedes are designated with the letter S, the "budget" series - with the letter A.

Mysterious figures

There are brands of cars, models of which are in your name only numbers, for example, some Chinese manufacturers. Moreover, there is a set of digits, and to remember the name of this model but maybe a sales Manager in the showroom. Some manufacturers specify the name of the brand of machine numbers the sequence of production – for example, the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 100, 200.

If on the back of the car is a sticker 4WD, AWD or sign 4*4, it means that the car has four-wheel drive type of transmission. But because now all automakers are striving for individuality, on the trunk lid you can see quite cryptic acronym – TDSi (Ford) or JTD (Fiat), indicating diesel engines.

Advice 2: How to determine the model of a Chinese phone

Chinese mobile phones have become popular primarily because of the relatively low prices. However, buyers soon faced with the problem of Russification bad, you can't install applications, etc. How to find model Chinese phoneto correct deficiencies?
How to determine the model of a Chinese phone
The first way to determine model is to remove the back cover, remove the battery and see what letters and numbers under it. This will be the make and model of phone. For example, FLY-YING(mark) F003(model). The result type into a search engine and look up information on this unit. However, some phonex Chinese Assembly you will only see incomprehensible characters.
If the battery model is not available, connect your phone to the computer via a USB cord. The device is defined as removable disk and the disk name will be the same as the model of the phone. For example, МТ6235.
If you have purchased a Chinese phone in the cabin, see the instructions. If there is at least one page in Russian or English model , you will learn easily. Unfortunately, often the Chinese manufacturers put in the user text only in their native hieroglyphic language.
If you have purchased the model of Western brands, but I suspect that she collected in China, please pay attention to the following signs: two or more SIM cards (Western phones don't have such opportunity), errors in the translation (it is funny: one of the phrases on Chinese Nokia N 95 has been translated as "honest cookies"). Often there are distortions in the name and the logos: Sunni Ericsson NOKLA, upside-down Apple icon and so on. All of this suggests that the phone is assembled, unlawfully and without is of high quality. Not all Chinese phones do not work, but if the price is too low, it is an occasion to reflect on the advisability of purchase.
Type on keyboard *#06# and press the call button. You should come information about the phone, but if the Assembly quite so "grey" it may not work.

Advice 3: What is four-wheel drive vehicle

Four-wheel drive cars have a special design of the transmission in which all of the wheels associated with the engine. It increases the permeability of the car, but at the same time makes it management more complex.
What is four-wheel drive vehicle

Features all-wheel drive vehicles

Four-wheel drive vehicle is called a vehicle with such a transmission mechanism, which can transmit engine torque to all four wheels. Simply put, in a AWD vehicle, all four wheels connected to the engine, so that they revolve and drive the vehicle. There are front wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles, in which the spinning front or rear wheels, respectively, and the other two only rotate in the direction of motion of the vehicle.

Initially, the four-wheel drive vehicles designed as off road vehicles, but today they are widely distributed on domestic and foreign roads. In addition to all-terrain in different weather and terrain conditions, such vehicles have several disadvantages:

- complexity in management;
- the high price of the car;
- large fuel consumption.

The complexity of control is characterized by the presence of different variants of realizations of all-wheel drive: permanent all-wheel drive, plug-in manually all-wheel drive, automatically connected all-wheel drive. Each of the circuits of the transmission has its own features that may be difficult to apply in extreme conditions.

Mainly purchase vehicles with four-wheel drive transmission associated with a hobby or job of the driver, there is a need for all-terrain vehicles. Class four-wheel drive vehicles represent VAZ-2121 "Niva", UAZ SUVs. Four-wheel vehicles make up 10% of the lineup almost each manufacturer of passenger cars.

Popular types of transmission – rear and front-wheel drive

In the management of the RWD car needs to pay particular attention to the accuracy and speed of steering and accuracy in handling the gas pedal. Too sharp and strong movement of the steering wheel and accelerator pedal can cause skidding of the vehicle, especially on slippery roads. Movement stabiliziruemost if smoothly to reset the gas pedal.

Rear-wheel drive cars models VAZ-2101-07, Moskvich-2140, Volga, Mercedes, BMW.

Cars with front-wheel drive scheme of the transmission are dynamically stable. They are less agile and less maneuverable than rear-wheel drive, is resistant to drifts. The downside of these cars is their stability for linear movement on any surface. This means that the weak driver feels that the road can be slippery, and when cornering the car can carry.

Represent a class front wheel drive cars like the VAZ-2108-15, Moskvich-2141, Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volvo.
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