First You need to find a good coach. The task only seems simple but in fact it is not easy. From that, how much qualified to be the coach that you select will depend not only on the training progress, but also your health, because Boxing is a very traumatic sport.
A good coach must possess the ability to convey their knowledge to their students, do not get angry and not to yell at you when something does not work. Usually former boxers who have finished their career on the big ring, go into coaching. When choosing a coach, ask him what kind of success they have achieved personally, he himself, as years of teaching, what successes achieved by his disciples. The answers to these questions will serve you the indicators to begin Boxing in this section or look for another.
If you for some reason can't find a coach, start Boxing yourself. For this you need a visual aid, which you can buy at the nearest bookstore. Choosing a tutorial on the box, look at who wrote it. It is desirable that it was a man, behind which there are years of coaching. After a detailed reading of the manuals, start training. But it must be remembered that any tutorial will not replace work in the gym with a real coach.
Buy the necessary equipment, which will facilitate the training process and will help to protect vulnerable parts of the body from the blows. Firstly, it's Boxing gloves (preferably 10 oz) and bandages that will protect your hands and knuckles. Bandages it is advisable to buy a little stretching, it may be easier to wind. Also, you need a helmet and mouth guard. A helmet will help protect eyebrows and the head from possible cuts, and Capa - jaw and your teeth. It is advisable to practice in free sports clothes and footwear – bokserka – which will protect your ankle from sprains.
Success in your endeavours and remember the wisdom of the East - the road by walking.