Thai Boxing is one of the most brutal types of martial arts. It is often called "the weapon which is always with you." His melee techniques are very simple and very effective. The main principle of Muay Thai is that "elbow wins fist and the knee wins the leg." Therefore, the distinguishing feature is a crushing blow to these parts of the body. Thai boxers are known for the ability to inflict multiple blows to the opponent feet and hands. Thanks to his idea to win at all costs - Thai Boxing great for self-defense.
The training process of Boxing is very diverse. This exercises to improve physical qualities, and signature techniques, exercises to increase attack speed and practicing various techniques. The important point, as in any duel, is breath control. In Thai Boxing the emphasis is on a good exhale, not the inhale. Yes, and try to take the kick on the inhale. You did not come. Proper breathing is not only the key to the successful practice of martial arts, but also a great health. Remember, don't hold your breath when performing techniques. A good cry will help you to control yourself and tell me what you are good at breathing. Tactics and technique, especially clinch (pumba), Muay Thai is very different from traditional Boxing. Its purpose is not protection, but an attempt to disrupt the enemy off balance.
Elbow much considered one of the most dangerous. Technique Muay Thai this technique impacts given special attention. Time struck can finish the fight in any round.
In Thai Boxing opponents are very respectful to each other as in the ring and outside it. But instead of insults, in a duel in the course are other tricks. The so-called "dirty" techniques that are not prohibited by the rules. Among them, a blow with a foot in the face or head. Such a blow is considered a slap and can lead not only to knockout but also to deliver a strong insult. Of course, at home, or alone to learn Thai Boxing (and other combat) is very difficult. This kind of Boxing has become almost the most popular over the past decade, there were plenty of clubs. And remember to learn how to fight - to fight. And it is safest to learn in the ring and under the supervision of a coach.