The number of the military unit today is possible only through a personal appeal to the relevant authorities. So, to provide information about the number of a military unit can Foster the Moscow House of veterans of war and armed forces; the Russian or the Moscow Committee of war veterans; the Public Commission of former prisoners of war of the Russian Federation; Center for investigation and information at the Central Committee of the red cross society of the Russian Federation; Commission under the RF President on prisoners of war and people missing; Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on rehabilitation of victims of political repression.
You can contact also: in the military, which carried out the appeal; district military Commissariat; the Assembly point of the Russian Federation.
Try to find the part using the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia, which contains all information about military prisoners of war, killed, missing in world war II and their location.
Take the documents proving your identity and the identity of the recruit, deceased or missing soldier.
Complete the request application form, which can be obtained on the spot. There you must specify all known information about the person calling, address, etc.
Write a statement modeled on the person. So, if you write a statement in military registration and enlistment office at the place of recruitment or, where the person was registered as a reservist, you must write a statement to the military Commissar to provide you the data you are interested on a particular person.
Submit a completed application form, statement and copies of available documents in the appropriate box.
Wait for the application process and answer. Remember, this kind of procedure can take anywhere from one day to one week.
Get the information you need bodies where you have applied in writing on a prescribed form, under seal and signature of the authorized person.