Start your quest with a modern online resources: all available electronic archives of the Bank "feat of the People in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.", Generalized data Bank "memorial", which contains information about the defenders of the Fatherland. Type in the name of the name you are looking for veteran, and maybe you will find the information you need, for example, find out where he had to fight, in what year it was, what title he received what rewards were put in charge, and why the ended their participation in the battles. Information for filling data banks is taken from the official archival documents stored in the Central naval archive of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in the Management of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation on perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland. Great information are archival documents in which a specified loss (documents of hospitals and field hospitals, the trophy cards of prisoners of war, funerals, etc.), documents of the graves of Soviet soldiers and officers.
Don't despair if you can't immediately find the desired information about the soldier. Data is updated constantly, eventually it will appear. And while contact with the search engines, engaged in excavations of the remains on battlefields, to study the graves and search for a variety of information on defenders of the Fatherland during the war. Sign up on special forums dedicated to this topic, and ask about a particular veteran.
Give the search engines the following information about the veteran: address of the draft Board, which called him to the service, the year of the call, the part number, which was of interest to you (please contact the district military enlistment office to get this information). Scan using scanner and send to the forum a saved letter or death notice. Any information is helpful.
Send an email to the publisher of the Book of Memory, send a request to CAMD or go to the archive yourself. It is not excluded that there you will find the part number, which fought the man, and will be able to find out his fate.
Carefully analyze all of the available and received information, show perseverance and patience, you may be able to figure out where they defended the country you are interested in the veteran, even if he had been missing.