You will need
  • Cell phone.
If you wish to see the Federal version of your local (city) numbers you can call from your phone to any other mobile phone. Cell phone to identify incoming calls as call numbers, so even if you call from a local number, it will be defined in the Federal format. If you don't have a second cell phone, you can determine your Federal number as follows.
Open main menu and go to "Applications". Find in this section the application from your mobile operator (if the SIM is activated, it's installed on the device automatically and navigate to it. In the menu you need to use the menu "My data". Here you can get information about your tariff plan, active chargeable services, account balance, and the very phone number. Select "My number" and click "OK". After a while your phone will receive a text message, which will contain your number in the Federal format.
In addition to the above methods, you can also find out your Federal number by looking at the contract which you executed when you attach it. This document is usually reflected not only local but also Federal phone number format.