Relax your hand. In preparation for the strike do not strain it so as not to fatigue the forearm muscles and compression of muscles of a brush.
Bend the pinky, ring, middle and index fingers so that their tips rested in the middle of the palm. This will fix the fingers and prevent from many undesirable consequences when the wrong shocks.
Thumb withcover the outer surface of the middle phalanges of the index and middle fingers.
Brush atmit this situation, to the outer surface formed a straight line with the outer surface of the forearm. The main mistake many novice boxers is a folding brush that under strong shock quite often whenled to fractures or dislocations of the hand. Avoid this error.
At the moment of impact in contrast to the preparatory movements when it is necessary to keep the hand and fingers relaxed, hold the fist tight tight. This will increase the force of impact and reduce the chance of injury.
Strike the heads of the metacarpal bones, mainly the middle and index fingers, as they are less vulnerable and more strong and powerful place on the fist ofE. in order that the blow was delivered with no unwanted effects for you, learn to be very selective in choosing targets for strikes.
In training protect ligament fistand sprains when using strips of cotton fabric. These winding are sold in sports shops. Each bandage has a length of about 2.5 meters, and the thickness to 3 see Can also when thechange for fixing an elastic bandage. This will allow your fistam to be in the proper and far less dangerous position during the strikes. In the end, you will atvykat to how you put the hands in the future learn how to automatically compress and keep the fistand correctly.