You will need
  • - mentor;
  • school;
  • the makiwara;
  • - bandages;
  • Board;
  • - red bricks.
Find a professional school of karate and an experienced mentor. If you do decide to learn this skill, like breaking bricks with their fists, then there is a high probability that you will damage the hand and will not be able to do for a long time to do.
Practice for the start of the strokes from the housing through the air. Ensure that every shot was sharp and on the exhale. Return the arm to its original position on the inhale. Over time, this simple but effective exercise will allow you to multiply the force of impact.
Start to strengthen the fists. As soon as you put the technique, start working on the makiwara. Squeeze as hard as you can a fist and put your right hand direct blow to the shell.
Ensure that only the index and middle fingers touched makivary. Each subsequent shot should be sharper and stronger. Always apply it on a loud exhale and quickly return to the starting position. Do so until then, until you are confident in the strength of the hand and wrist.
Practice first on plain thin boards. This is a more serious stage training. It is important to overcome the psychological barrier. So, pick up 1 a thin Board. Warm them up and wrap a rag on his fist.
Put the Board on two bricks. Then strongly tighten a fist, stand up on toes and thrust kick from the top down. Beat again only 2 first knuckles. Your task – to break as many boards and prepare hands to work with bricks.
Pick up one brick. In the first stage you to train better with the red brick because it is much easier to break than the white. It is important that it was dry. Put it on the other two bricks on the sides. Practice in air traffic strike.
Follow the same technique as in the case of the Board: strike only the first two knuckles of the hand, elbow and wrist is completely straight at the moment of impact. Break the brick when you're ready. Hold my hand very tightly and strike as much as possible. Try to complete a hand through the bricks. Strike do only on a deep exhale. Improve your skills constantly.