You will need
  • Weights 1-2kg.
  • - A punching bag.
  • - Grif.
  • - Primary skills fighting stance.
The speed of the shock can be trained in several ways. One of them is push-UPS.
Slow pushups to train strength and muscle size. Quick pushups train endurance and speed.
For a more effective push-UPS need to be made with tearing hands from the floor. Some do it with cotton.
Pushups with weight on the blades will help to build muscle faster. A similar effect can be achieved by placing something under the palm of your hand. It can be books of the same thickness or a dumbbell. The increasing amplitude is increased expended energy.
After pushups, it is recommended to practice throwing hands with dumbbells. In each hand you need to take weights of 1-2kg. the Legs should be in "combat" stance. At first it seems difficult but then the body will get used to it. Instead of dumbbells, you can use "empty" Griffin.
Training with a punching bag will help to strengthen the hands and increase the force of the blow. During strike you should have an aim further 20cm., than it really is. It is important not to beat on the punching bag, and punch it.
Professional boxers recommended technique off water with hands". Upon impact, better to throw up than to try to keep them in suspense.
One of the most effective exercises to develop speed and endurance of the muscles of the arms and breast – swimming. Almost every town has paid pools.