You will need
  • - sledgehammer;
  • weights of 500 g;
  • - a piece of rubber 8х4х1см;
  • - parallel bars;
  • - two platforms height 10-15 cm;
  • - heavy medicine balls.
Pick up a sledgehammer. Better to take a tool with a welded handle. Clumping on the rubber tire, she can lie on the ground or be dug up to half, it doesn't matter. Hit the tire in all possible ways: top, right, left. This exercise develops the muscles needed for drawing any blows, including uppercuts, side, or bumps on top. Execute for each direction, three sets of 10 punches.
For the development of impetus to take up the heavy medicine balls. Stand at a distance of five or six steps in front of the wall. Raise the ball to chest, palms turned outward, and the back pressed against the sternum. Dilute elbows to the sides. The technique of the throw is the same as in basketball. With the force push the ball, trying to hit them into the wall. The force of the throw should be such that medicine balls lightly bounced off the wall after impact. If you ensure that the ball bounced in your hands, can increase the distance to the wall.
Take in hand a piece of rubber and compress it with both hands in turn. The movement should be sharp, strong. Such as to tense and then quickly relax the muscles of the hands. Do this exercise several hours a day. This will help to get rid of fat pads between the muscles of the hand to increase the weight of the arms, and thus make the blow stronger and sharp. Also, thanks to the good exercise strengthens the wrist and reduces the risk of injury of the thumb due to a direct blow.
For the development of the field and force of impact do explosive pushups. Take the emphasis lying between two supports with a height of about 10-15 cm hands on the floor, feet together, back straight keep. Bending the hand down to touch the chest floor, then a sharp push right hand to the body jumped, and his hands landed on the supports. So as not to damage the elbow joint, landing on bent arms. Quickly get down on the floor at the same time two hands, like "jump". If you don't have appropriate supports, this exercise can be replaced by prying with cotton.
Take the emphasis lying on the floor. Hands are shoulder-width apart, feet together, back straight, shoulders reduced. Bend your arms to touch the breast sex. Then sharply push down with both hands, so that the body "jumped" off the floor. In the phase of flight time to clap your hands under the breast, and again landed with two hands on the floor. Perform 5-8 repetitions.
Take the emphasis on the parallel bars. Grip slightly wider than shoulders. Slowly lower yourself so that the shoulder joints are a bit below the shoulder. Climb up a strong push. Do three sets of 6-8 repetitions. Rest between repetitions and 2 minutes.
Model the technique of blow in front of the mirror, picking up a 500-gram weights. Light weight gives you a speed boost impact, it will not strain the muscles.