You will need
  • bag;
  • - sledgehammer;
  • - a large tyre;
  • axe and firewood;
  • - a small dumbbell;
  • - gym;
  • instructor or partner.
The physical strength of man and the power of his blow – concepts are not the same. Of course, we should not forget about General physical preparation, special exercises strength. But that doesn't mean that if you are more pumped, you will be able to hit stronger. In history there are many examples of evidence to the contrary. So, if you set a goal to develop the force of the impact arm or leg, you should combine two types of training: development of strength (gym bar) and work on hitting. If you are a beginner, you have to start only under the supervision of a skilled trainer, gradually increasing the load. Then you will be able to move. Here are some recommendations you can give to solve this problem.Work with a sledgehammer. The exercise is to strikex with a sledgehammer on any tyre. You apply a heavy smashing blows from the head, making the greatest possible swing. Just don't miss! It is very important not to lose vigilance when performing this exercise. Do 2-3 sets of 20. Gradually increase the number of times in the set.
You are chopping wood. The easiest and most effective way to chop logs and firewood. The increase in the strength of the shot you provided. There about the same effect as with a sledgehammer, only you still do useful work. In these two exercises strengthen your hands, shoulders, back, abs. It gives you a base for a crushing blow.
Exercise with your neck. Take the neck or a heavy barbell. Put it on your chest and do Jogging motion her forward. Can simultaneously jump from one foot to the other, i.e. approximately as rope or during the match. It is even more strain on your legs and body.
Work with a heavy bag. To fill hands and develop impact force better working with the bag, not with makiwara. With it you can develop technique and speed. It is also very important. Try to strike a balance between work bag and with a partner who holds punchbag.
Strike without gloves. Originally accustom your fists to work without gloves because of Boxing gloves to slug a fist to the end is not compressed. Consequently, the falling speed of impactand don't strengthen a fist properly. In real combat conditions it can play a cruel joke.
Do daily pushups on the fists. Enough to begin with 10-15 push UPS in 1 approach. Then gradually increase the number to 1-2-3 times a week, for example. It is an individual matter. Just do them during the day. A few months fist will become much stronger, tougher and force of impact will increase many times.
Work on the wrist with a dumbbell. Make it a rule every day to do the bending of hands with dumbbells appropriate to your weight and strength. Do this exercise 10-15 times on each wrist throughout the training day, at least 6-7 sets.
Do broach the hall at the end of training. They are as follows: take the emphasis lying on the palms, feet and retract in this position, perform jog operation forward. This is the most versatile physical exercises for shoulder girdle development and strength of the blow.Do it only under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Do not just pounce on all the exercises. Choose something suitable for yourself and do it. Gradually increase load and rest your fists.