You will need
  • Physical training
  • Psychological stability
  • A coach or mentor
If you train in any section of martial arts or just doing for yourself, then you know that the first important condition is the fight – hold the shotand the enemy. It is difficult to say which is harder – to attack or to defend. But, the key to success in battle is a strong psychological setting and prediction of enemy action. Once learning to control the strike and to direct actions against itself, is incredibly powerful in any match. So how can you learn to curb his onslaught? Will investigate this more.1. In order to properly learn how to hold a shot, you need to initially look into the eyes of his opponent. At this moment pierced most people. One conclusion: they are not psychologically prepared to meet face to face with danger. So on this point you need to work on special techniques, namely: daily meditations for 20-30 minutes.If you learn to see the eyes of the enemy, then surely foresee his plan. That is where will kickyou. In this case, you will be able to react to it more efficiently.
2. As soon as he makes a swing of the arm or leg, take some action for its disposal, namely: get off the line of attack, taking a step with his foot and then finish him off by hand or foot. Put the block on the arm and counter-movement put him a shot in an open area. You can also go defensive, namely, arranging their hands so that they completely covered his head and half torso.
3. Another point about which we should not forget in combat – a counter-movement to the enemy. One of the most productive ways – a direct kick her in the abdomen. It is acceptable to do if the enemy be at a certain distance from you. In this case, you act first and stop him before the shot. According to the coaches of the Russian school of SAMBO is one of the best ways to protect in this situation.
4. Also, don't forget about personal training. Learn to make and keep the shockyou will help you daily even a small exercise for stuffing the limbs (arms, legs), pushups on the fists from the floor, running in the morning, training in the gym and gain psychological stability. Without it, all the exercises go in vain. So, doing the above tips and instructions, you will learn how to quickly restrain the strokes of the enemy.