You will need
  • - gloves;
  • - bandages;
  • the makiwara;
  • - pear/bag;
  • - Boxing paws.
Learn the correct technique of applying blow. Before you use force, you need to understand proper staging of a fist. Otherwise, it's easy to take it out or get another serious injury. Ask the coach to show them how to hold the fist at impact and how to tighten your fingers around it. Practice still on the air. Let this be a warm-up before the main work at each workout.
Start by yourself to hone the skills of punches on the makiwara. After careful consideration of the equipment it is important to learn this skill. Wrap bandages and put on your Boxing gloves. Go to the makiwara and struck a blow with each hand. Then – "two", "three" over "two" and "three". Alternate combination.
Ensure that the shoulder is fully straightened during the application of impact. Also do not forget about footwork. They move in the direction of arm movement. Each subsequent shot should be faster and stronger than the previous one. This is the key to success.
Fix the force of impact on the pear or bag. This is the next more serious stage, as these shells are much tougher makivary. By this time, you can wear lightweight gloves, but still don't forget to wrap the bandages.
Apply each exercise not less than 300 strikes on the punching bag, constantly increasing the pace and force. Ask a partner or coach to hold a projectile, so it does not wobble. Respond to all his comments, straightening equipment or increasing the speed or force of impact.
Work with a coach. Now when your fist is already adapted to heavy work, fix the result. Ask the mentor to wear on both hands Boxing paws. Take a few shots to warm. Then proceed to combinations of 2-3 of the blow in a row, each time increasing force of application.
Do so that the coach himself involuntarily retreated after each combination. Thus, move him forward movement. Do this work for 30-40 minutes each training. Over time, you will be able to deliver a very strong and fast kick.