You will need
  • - beans,
  • - rice,
  • hell,
  • - honey,
  • - lemon,
  • - Bay leaf/
Bring salt from neck can help a compress of honey and salt. Mix one tablespoon of honey with the same amount of salt. Put on a bandage or gauze. Cover the sore spot. The compress must be kept for at least two hours under a woolen scarf. The duration of the course depends on health.
Use the broth from the beans. On four cups of boiling water, take four tablespoons of beans. Beans should have a good brew, so wrap the dishes with the future water and leave overnight. Further strain. Take 400 grams a day by mouth, and use as a compress.
Tibetan lamas suggest remove salts from the neck and body using rice. The number should correspond to your age. Rinse the rice and pour boiled water. Cover and put in a dark cool place. In the morning drain the water. Take one tablespoon of rice and cook. Cook no more than four minutes without adding salt. Eat before the main meal.
Thus do every day until the end of Fig. Balances again fill in with water and put in dark cold place. Cleansing the body of salts occurs due to the structure of a grain of rice. She draws in salt.
Harmful salts effectively clear hell. Take 1 kg of horseradish, grind using the grinder. Tablate four liters of water. Boil for five minutes. Strain and add half a kilo of honey. Take 200 grams per day. Such treatment should be carried out in spring and autumn.
Take the Bay leaf in the amount of five pieces. Pour boiling water (0.5 liters). Boil. After straining, add honey (1 tbsp) and lemon juice. Take small SIPS before eating. The whole broth to drink during the day, then make a new one. Scheme of the course is as follows: 14 days, take the same break.