You will need
  • - massage cream
Take care of your posture. It is in the wrong position of the head and shoulders often is the main cause of wrinkles and excess fat. Control yourself constantly. Be careful that the chin does not fall down, the spine was stretched up, shoulders slightly lowered and laid back.
Get an orthopedic pillow for sleeping. It not only will save you from headaches and problems with the upper spine, but will also prevent double chin and wrinkles on the neck.
Perform regular exercises that help to eliminate fat on the neck. If you have little time, only one of the most effective provided that you'll be doing it regularly. Stand up straight, tighten your abdominal muscles, straighten your shoulders. Pull the bottom jaw forward so that the lower teeth were much ahead of the top, if you have an overbite. Start slowly and gently tip the head back until his eyes would stare at the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this 4-5 times. Remember that after the first workout in the morning you may feel an unusual pain in the neck. Take a break for a couple of days, and then proceed to the exercise.
Perform daily self-massage of the neck. To do this, take any moisturizing or oily cream that is absorbed immediately. Apply it in a thin layer on the skin easy sliding movements from the neckline to the chin. Make at least 40 of such movements, slightly tilting the head back. Then proceed to energetic prihlopyvaniem chin from below. Start with 50 repetitions and gradually increase to 100. Motion should not be very strong, to the feeling of pleasant warmth in the area. Pat can be run or the back of the fingers twisted into a tourniquet with a towel. Such self-massage will prevent the appearance of double chin and get rid of existing fatty deposits.