Gymnastikmatte starting position: stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and pull them back a bit. Start doing light bending head forward/backward, right/left. Then go to the corners: drag the chin alternately to the right and left shoulder. Complete the exercises of head rotation, first clockwise, then – against. All exercises repeat an arbitrary number of times. One condition – when they are executed you should not experience discomfort, ie, dizziness, aching neck, the darkening of the eyes. To do this, start gymnastics with small amplitude and low rate, increasing the load gradually, day by day.
Massive can sign up for treatment to a professional masseur and can massage yourself at home. The second option, prepare the oil solution. To do this, take 100 grams of vegetable oil (the best is castor), add 20-30 drops of tincture of propolis (available at pharmacies) and all shake well. Every evening, apply the composition on the back of the neck and RUB your fingers clockwise smooth but strong movements. The procedure time is arbitrary. Oil-propolis mixture can alternate with honey and vodka (honey and vodka in equal parts). This composition was used in Russia in the fight against the nape, more than 200 years ago.
Will compressometer 3 tbsp any vegetable oil, 1 raw egg, 1/3 Cup of 6% vinegar and the same of turpentine. Mix everything carefully. Soak the composition with a soft cloth and apply it to the area of nape. Cover with cellophane wrap and a warm scarf or blanket. Keep the compress for 30-40 minutes. Possible slight burning sensation and heat. After the procedure it is advisable not to go outside, and it is better to put on dry warm clothes and lie down.