Causes of pain in the neck

The deposition of mineral salts in the soft tissue near the spine in the neck and is often accompanied by osteochondrosis – degenerative changes of the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral joints. The deposition of salts is not only pain in this the most moving part of the spine, but can be noticeable to the touch or visible to the naked eye like the hump on the neck.

You need to consult with your doctor to make sure that the cause of the pain is indeed the accumulation of salts and also to get tested and find out exactly what salts are deposited in the cervical spine. It is necessary that your doctor has prescribed you will be prescribed a diet which is the main way to reduce the deposition of salts. If you don't start to eat properly, no exercise or massage to help you will not.

Together with the special diet, massage will be one and effective ways to get rid of pain. Its therapeutic effect is due to increased blood flow in the affected by the deposition of salts the spine. Application of various techniques will help to get rid of or greatly reduce the deposition of salts in the soft tissues near the spine.

Massage from salt deposits in the neck

Therapeutic massage you can do yourself independently. Thus it is necessary to observe the basic rules:
- proceed carefully, without causing themselves severe pain;
- massage movements produce in the course of lymphatic drainage from top to bottom from the back of the head along the neck, it will help to reduce salt deposits;
- no impact on the joints of the spine – just massage the soft tissue.
- use mainly the following massage techniques like rubbing and stroking, they increase blood circulation, causing the withdrawal of minerals from the soft tissues;
- use essential oils, enhancing the massaging effect.

Self-massage start after you applied the essential oil on the massaged area. RUB your palms together to warm, and my fingers were not cold. Start stroking the neck and move downwards, then RUB the neck on the sides. Spend acupressure in the area where the neck joins to the head, then in a circular motion, knead the neck and shoulder girdle, shoulder joints massage using kneading and circular movements. Massage finish by stroking of the soft tissues along the spine from top to bottom. Then, to relax and relieve tension in your neck, do a few head tilts to the side, forward and backward.