If one of your household a sore neck, make him (her) massage. First person to measure the pressure. Session conduct prohibited, if the "patient" - low pressure, because the massage will lower it even more.
Now, move on to the massage. If the procedure is performed at home, have the person lie on her stomach. In an extreme case, may he (she) will sit down with his head resting on the hand or on the table. It all depends on how a person will be comfortable.
The first thing to apply on the skin massage cream a light smoothing movements. Try to tactilely determine whether the skin clips (more dense muscle tissue than other parts of the body). Remember these places to then they are more carefully treated.
Start with massaging the deep muscles that are located along the top of the thoracic spine. Put your hands on the skin of the client, then fold them up and run ten times "wave" in the skin with thumbs.
Now you can proceed to the relaxation of the muscles of the neck "patient". Reach these muscles in the claw, and then begin to gently knead them, flexing the fingers. Just do not overtighten, to reduce the pressure below normal, or not to shift the vertebrae.
When finished with the neck, go to the back muscles of the shoulder girdle located between the upper edge of the shoulder blades and spine. Take these muscles special attention, as they are very voluminous. Massaging these muscles is better than one. For example, begin to massage them with the tips of his fingers, folding them together in different ways. Also, don't forget to take a fold of skin with the proper muscles.
You can now massage the area between the shoulder blades (right and left). For this you need to have his hand behind his back and gently "go" on the bone.
To finish the neck massage can smoothing movements, similar to those with which the massage began. Then ask the "patient" lie on your back and 5-10 minutes to lie down. Sitting the patient needs to sit in the wives of the pose. This massage can be considered as completed.